Roasted Butternut Squash Salad


1 Butternut Squash, peeled, cut into 3/4 inch pieces
2 shallots, peeled and sliced
1 TBSP Non-Infused Olive Oil
3 TBSP Bacon Olive Oil
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
1/2 cup Pumpkin Seeds
1 TBSP Maple Syrup
1 TBSP Sugar
3/4 TSP Cinnamon
3 TBSP Pumpkin Pie Balsamic
1 LB of Mix Greens or Spring Mix
5 Bacon Strips, Crumbled



Heat oven to 450. Combine Squash, 1 1/2 shallots, 1 TBSP non-infused olive oil, 1 TSP salt and a pinch of black pepper; toss to coat.

Place on a non-stick baking sheet and roast until tender (40 min.) Toast pumpkin seeds in skillet with maple syrup, sugar, 1/2 TSP salt & cinnamon. Let cool. Cook bacon until crisp and crumble.

Mince remaining shallot and place in bowl with balsamic, bacon olive oil, remaining salt & a pinch of black pepper.

Whisk and add greens or spring mix to bowl and coat all leaves. Top with squash, bacon & pumpkin seeds. Serves 8.